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Julius ‘CHOSON’ Spencer’s passion is seen and felt throughout every encounter. Whether Singing, Speaking, Writing, or Arranging, every moment is heartfelt and full of emotion and life. “Music and entertainment move the world, so my job is to inform, encourage, and change lives through every aspect that I can”. No matter the opportunity, exceeding the expectation is ALWAYS the goal!!!


William Edward DuBois    #WinEveryDay

Wednesday’s have become something bigger than just hump day. The loss of Best Friend and Confidant, William Edward DuBois, has brought about the emergence of a movement. It has created an urgency within Julius to encourage the World to live life to the fullest and to make Everyday count. “#WED is ALL about honoring the life and legacy of the greatest friend I’ve ever had. My dream is to use this platform to give life to the world and give back to His family”. We are starting this movement by releasing content Every Wednesday that builds up to the release of new music and more. Please leave your information on the contact page to stay connected for what’s to come.